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Unisex Diabetic Cotton Crew Sock Style: JOSEPH


We Understand and are here to help.

Your socks are a very important part of your day, especially if you suffer from any type of leg or foot complaint. We understand this and have spent time crafting socks that work in harmony with both your legs and your feet.  

So, What is a Diabetic / Edema Sock?

Well, there is a lot of confusion around this subject, many companies call their socks 'Diabetic' or 'Edema' socks when in fact all they have done is simply removed some elastic from the top of the socks and they deem this to be sufficient to call a sock 'Diabetic' or 'Edema' friendly. So, is it really that simple? Well, the honest answer is ‘No’ it isn’t....

As anybody suffering with their legs or feet will tell you there are many factors that need to be considered when choosing socks and it’s not all down to the 'elastic' in the top of the socks…… Come on what about the rest of the sock?

So, what makes Norfolk 'Care' Socks any different from others?

Well, it’s simple really, we actually asked real people who suffer from various conditions what they actually wanted from their socks and then used this information along with our hosiery knowledge to manufacture a range of socks that work from the very top to the very bottom of the sock.

So, let me walk you through our sock 'Joseph' Cotton Diabetic / Edema Sock:

The Top: 

People told us they didn’t like their socks to be too tight or binding around the top, so we designed an 'Easy Fit' soft top that gently grips the leg holding the sock in place without that ring mark you get from tight elastic top socks.

The Leg: 

A number of people told us that they sometimes suffer from swollen legs or ankles and normal socks felt tight and restrictive. So, we set about designing a sock that looks and acts just like a normal sock but has that 'Secret Sauce Recipe' when needed. OK, so what's our secret sauce you ask, well most normal socks use a standard nylon backing that allows for some flexibility but can also restrict the stretch of the fabric. With our years of knowledge designing and manufacturing high-end sports socks and our access to the latest yarn technology, we borrowed some of this and added a backing to our socks that works in harmony with your legs and feet. Because of the socks unique backing yarn or our 'Secret Sauce', our socks are able to stretch up to 50% more than a standard sock can.  So, no more uncomfortable or tight sock days!

The Foot: 

'Shoes' a great invention for protecting your feet but they don't always allow your feet to breath and if your feet cannot breathe they get hot, sticky, uncomfortable and this is then the perfect playground for odour causing bacteria and other nasties to grow in. So, to help prevent this we built ‘Ventilation Panels’ into the sole of our socks and across the top of the toes. These ventilation grooves allow air to circulate around the feet helping to keep your feet cool, dry and happy.

The Toe Seam: 

Unfortunately, every sock in the world must have a toe seam, but do they really need to be as big and thick? Well, the short answer is ‘No’. Most cheap socks have what is called a ‘Rosso toe’ you can usually spot this as it looks like ‘Ben Nevis’ and leaves a large ridge across the top of your toes. Now A ‘Rosso toe’ is all well and good in certain circumstances but not if you have Diabetes or other foot complaints that make your skin sensitive to rubbing or abrasion. What you really need is a ‘Hand Linked’ toe seam as these are absolutely flat and have no ridges at all. OK so it costs a bit more to finish a sock with a ‘Hand Linked’ toe, but for something that spends so much time on your foot, trust us it’s worth every penny….

Did you know?

There are 250,000 sweat glands in your feet that can produce as much as half a pint of moisture each day. While the sweat itself doesn't smell, socks and shoes can trap odor-causing bacteria and fungi. So, to help keep your feet healthy we’ve added ‘Actifresh’ by Sanitize to our socks. ‘Actifresh’ works by stopping the bacteria from growing and multiplying and sort of traps it in a barrier until you wash the socks. Once you wash the socks, you remove the old bacteria from the fabric of the sock and this resets the ‘Actifresh’ which is then ready again for the next time you wear the socks.

Norfolk Brand USA is here to help!

As we design, manufacture and test all our own socks, we are that confident you will love our socks, we offer a 30-day no quibble returns policy on all our socks!











80% Cotton 18% Polyamide 2% Elastane

Machine Washable
Wash Dark Colours Separately

Unisex Diabetic Cotton Crew Sock Style: JOSEPH

We Understand and are here to help. Your socks are a very important part of your day, especially if you suffer from any type of leg or...
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